St Paul's Ealing, London

St Paul's Ealing is a large church in London with many different events and services in any given week.

Lemonpeel were asked to provide a control system that would manage all of their heating systems via a central interface that could be accessed on and off site. Two Leos were installed giving St Paul's the ability to control the gas fire heaters in the main hall, as well as 4 other zones via 2 boilers.

Temperature in the main hall is measured by two discreet radio sensors on the pillars, ideally located to measure the temperature in and amongst the body of the congregation. Hard wired temperature sensors are used for other zones.

The whole system is managed by the Director of Operations via the web-based dashboard. He logs in once a week to configure the schedules based on events in the calendar. He adds event notes to each scheduled item so he can repeat or cancel the events the following week.

If during the week, a booking is made or an event put in the calendar, he can quickly log in from home to add the new event into the schedule.

Additionally a third Leo is installed in a partner church, ensuring that the heating schedule is always correct without having to visit the church to adjust time clocks.

"I can now set the schedules for all heating zones for St Paul's and our partner church from my office without having to spend time visiting and setting all heating controllers individually"

SR, Director of Operations

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